Tuesday, December 20, 2011



Borrowed these books from the library. I loved "Matilda" as a child and when I saw "Completely Unexpected Tales", I quickly grabbed it. One of my best friends recommended me Stephen King's books. Since I love horror but I don't have the guts to watch horror movies anymore I'll just stick to books. I don't get it, I used to watch horror movies all the time until I was around 8. I'm mostly afraid of the post movie imagination I get. I watched "The time traveller's wife" film version before I read the book. Although not many of my friends like the movie, I still like it very much. Every time I watch it I get so teared up by the scenes when Henry first met Alba and when he was telling Gomez and Claire he was going to die. But it's the final scene that makes me bawl!!! I can never fail to cry every time I watch this movie. I read the book a few months after I first watched the movie. It didn't disappoint me at all. The line that gets to my head was "why is love intensified by absence". I can relate to this line to a very large extent. Another thing I relate to is the horoscope I share with Audrey Niffennegger, Claire and Henry. Therefore, since " The time traveller's wife" is lovely, I will give "Her fearful symmetry" a try. I have "The Graveyard Book" at home, it's one of my all time favourites. The one I have at home has a better cover in my opinion.
Here's the cover



  1. i want to borrow a stephen king book from the library, i've heard good things about him

  2. I haven't started reading his book but I have high expectations :)