Thursday, April 17, 2014

la dee daa

Because of the makeup bomb I spent last month, I've been pretty disciplined shopping wise :P. As my graduation is approaching, buying a dress is not that sinful eh eh ;) hehehehe. The major content of my wardrobe are whites and blacks, since my graduation robes are going to be all black, I will wear color lol. Speaking of dresses, I have to work on my fitness, I have slacked the whole summer :((, better start living healthier! Diet wise, I have been eating healthier this year so I guess that's good start :), the flattummytea I'm drinking now helps so much, now I don't bloat that much and even when I do I don't feel that awful anymore, I've questioned myself if it's placebo effect, but I guess not after the absence of faux baby bump lol. I will probably spend around 50 max on the dress.
On the side note, my bestie introduced me to a shoe label "Irregular choice", they have the cutest heels I've ever seen!
Exhibit A
and so on

These shoes look like the shoes that only exist in fairy tales picture books but I can't believe they actually exist in real life :o :o :o :o
This purse by them is adorable as well :O :O :O

I was going to do a review on the makeup stuff I bought but I'm having a sore throat now :/. Anyways I hope everyone is having a good Easter and have fun nomming all the hot cross buns and easter eggs :D :D :D!!!!!

XOXO Shizuen

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