Monday, March 17, 2014 review

I have just received my package from honest skin, excited!!!! I am really satisfied, I give them a five stars for the overall experience. The only "NOOOoo" moment was when I found out there's a 30% off everything discount throughout March  :((.

I placed my order on the 27th of February, at the check out point, it says shipping date is 14 or 17 March I forgot, so I thought it meant it will only be shipped on that date, but it's just the expected arrival date. The parcel reached my place on the 14th of March, I wasn't at home so I only collected it from the post office today.

The shipping fee is reasonable ($5 for two items), shipping fee varies depending on how many items you're getting. I also got a $2 discount for signing up.
 See how everything is wrapped up properly in bubble wrap so they stay in good condition. Thumbs up for that ^^!
 Here's what I got, Laneige Sleeping Pack EX and a 3CE creamy lipstick, they also gave me a free 3CE fresh aqua mist sample, they are so sweet. 

I've heard a looot of good reviews on Laneige's cult item, water sleeping pack. I decided to order a newer item from laneige instead, firming sleeping pack (thinking of "killing 2 birds with 1 stone"), but I have just realised they mistakenly sent me a water sleeping pack instead of the firming sleeping pack. I'm abit devastated :( but I don't want to send it back and wait for a return, so I guess I'll bear with it for now :(.

The order invoice says the correct item but I got another one instead :X
See the difference between the firming sleeping pack and water sleeping pack
The 3 concept eyes lipstick I ordered is sold out on the official stylenanda site, that why I went on a search rampage, and found, luckily they sent me the correct item for this lipstick or else I'll go crazy cause it's sold out everywhere else. The lipstick I got is  #3 zoom in.
Anyone who's getting 3CE, remember theres a label sticker there if it's authentic.

See how pretty Park Sora is with this lipstick on ><


Price *****        out of all the websites I searched, honest skin has the best offer
Shipping *****  shipping fee is reasonable, doesn't have any tax charge heart attack
Variety *****    offers quite a large variety of items
Product***        if they sent me the right item I would've given them a five star, other than that they are                           perfect


I'll do a review on the sleeping mask and the lipstick once I finish my assignments this week :)

XOXO Shizuen

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