Thursday, February 7, 2013

Peplum cat

I've had this cat tshirt for around 2 years or more now but it's actually the very first time I wore it out. And this striped peplum skirt is my very first clothing item that has a peplum. I'm so late on the peplum wagon xD.

Dyed my hair reddish brown yesterday, it's not obvious at all in these pictures though. Also permed the ends of my hair just for the fun of it :P. I originally wanted a much brighter shade of red for my hair, but having a uber military style father (just joking dad), I have to opt for something less exciting. When I'm back to Australia and you're in Malaysia dad, I shall dye my hair red hot red.

Managed to quench my movie thirst after watching 3 movies in 3 weeks. Watched "Fire with fire", "Hansel and Gretel"  and "Die hard 5". I always dread when the villains die so easily, the witch in Hansel and Gretel was cool but why did she have to die I was rooting for her :(. Oh well, the movie has to end.

Finally Chinese new year is 3 days away! Really am excited but sad when I realize I have to leave for Australia on the 6th day of CNY :( :( :(. When I see my luggage I get a headache at the thought of having to stuff in all the shoes and clothes and miscellaneous items in one very limited 30 kilos. I still want to shop before I leave.

Happy snake year everybody!!!!