Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cameo Lover + ootd

I have a thing for cameo. I have been lusting over their overall dress for months but it's currently sold out everywhere. sad face :( I'd never get it full priced anyway since I've already spent heaps back in malaysia xD.

I'm finally back in adelaide. Was slightly depressed the day of my flight but now I feel excited to go back to uni. It's my third and final year this year! Gotta give all I've got and try my best to get into honours :O !!!

Few days ago I went to rundle street with a friend and we snapped up some great cameo bargains from birdcage boutique .
I forced my friend to buy this skirt it was 29 dollars for god's sake down from 140 bucks.
Meanwhile I myself also got a cameo skirt for 39 dollars down from 140. I am so in love with this skirt right now!

Wore it out today, here's some pictures of my outfit of the day.
shirt: belle(malaysia) / skirt: cameothelabel
loafers: nose (malaysia)
Last but not least, have a laugh



  1. omggg those loafers i am in love with them !
    Cameo is really nice you should definitely go to their clearance sales when they have them cos everything goes for $10
    Hope to see you around in 2nd semester ~


    1. thanks for the heads up :P will definitely keep an eye ^^
      hope i get to see you round semester 2 too ^^