Friday, January 18, 2013

Here I am once again

I'm tornnn into pieces!!! Can't deny! Can't pretend!! JUST THOUGHT YOU WERE THE ONEEE!!!! (belching to kelly clarkson)

Howdy folks! I'm back again!
This weirdly coordinated outfit shot was taken on my dad's birthday.

well heyyy
The weirdly drawn eyebrow is due to my incompetent brow drawing skill. I've just started learning how to draw my eyebrows due my somehow absent normal brow genes. And just a few days after I've taken these pictures, my mom ganged up with her best friend to chop off my hair, my face had a mild case of allergy which caused it to flake and dry, and then my dad urged me to go for a mole extraction, and so here I am shoulder length haired and with a flaky dry face free of obvious moles.
But fear not since I am in the land of korean+japanese skincare brands, I've managed to snatch myself a jar of aloe vera gel from a korean brand, nature republic, which is priced at a very reasonable AUD11, one of the very best reasons why I love living in asia.
And look at the packaging of these masks! I just cant... asdfjkl; I really am a visual consumer boohoo.
 And I just have to mention this purchase because I love this skirt very very much :D.
And thanks to my friend's holy staff discount, I managed to snatch this pair of flats for only AUD 13. Spikes and skulls are really my weaknesses X.X

And that's all folks.



  1. omg the skirt is amazing! where is it from? I just love the unique design on it! <3 and wow there is a Sophie Monk beauty mask? not sure if she knows of it haha! xD

    Metallic Paws- New giveaway up on my blog!

  2. loving the cute outfit you wore for your dads bday! so sophisticated and classy!
    And those flats omgggg such a great find im envious of your holiday shopping!