Sunday, April 9, 2017

First Pretty Little Thing haul

Shopped at pretty little thing the first time the other day. I was already aware of this super popular online store, and would occasionally browse their website but never bought anything.

And then one day I saw a top on there that I really like but it was sold out so I was a bit sad.
It was this very top. But then couple of weeks later oh hey it's back in stock but only the size xs, after looking at description, I decided to take the plunge anyway since this looks like a oversized sweater, even though I usually wear a size 10 I can wear an 8 too for some items. So yeah why not. Even though this came back in stock a few weeks after my purchase I still have no regrets getting it first with a lower discount because usually a lot of clothes I like would just go out of stock forever if I don't get them.

And to take advantage of the 40% discount (now it's 50% off even better) on pretty little thing, I also purchase two more items.
I decided to get this dusty pink colour bodycon skirt which is an everyday item that can match a variety of tops. And somehow, I find it funny, I used to loathe pink when I was younger, now I find myself typing dusty pink when I'm browsing online shops. I managed to lose some weight I gained this few years, now I can actually wear some tight clothes without a sense of insecurity, and I also guess because I've grown older and have learned to not be so self conscious anymore.
Last but not least, got this cute dress, it's got ruffles and is in green so why not hehe.

And then I came across this Isabel marant dress
This cost USD 590 holy shit and pretty little thing has an exact copy too, wow. Fast fashion really does wonder for people on budget lol

I'll do a try on haul video on youtube as well after I've finished my exam.

xxx Shizuen

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