Thursday, March 30, 2017

Got this polka dot wrap dress for only $15 from factorie! The last 2 pictures were taken from snapchat, don't know why they turn out so blurry :( usually my snapchat photos look alright. Oh welll.

I trimmed my fringe myself about 2-3 weeks ago, turned out alright, I was too lazy to go to the salon to get it done lol. 

Finally completed my NAATI interpretation course and the exam, result won't come out until May, I've done my best and I think I did alright so not worrying about it, just hoping for the best :D. 

The weather's finally turning cooler in Australia, I much prefer it over hot weather(even though I'm from a tropical country that's hot all year round)! 

I went on boohoo and had a few naughty purchases opps :P. But they really are so gorgeous, I couldn't help myself. Anyways, I just have to continue to work hard and by this year I'll finally achieve what I've been waiting for such a looong time.

xxx Shizuen

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