Monday, September 29, 2014

Oceans apart and it's heavy on my heart

I've abandoned my blog and also my personal diary since the beginning of the semester whuuttt, never happened before. Yea I guess accounting is stressing me a little, but I'm determined to do it well. I looked at my diary and I've only written 3-4 pages most this year :o, crazy compared to the hundred pages the year before. I don't think I should continue to stop writing, so I'm gonna write regularly again :).

I've just finished a korean tv series called "it's okay it's love" or "it's ok that's love", starring gong hyo jin and  jo in sung, both very charismatic. Gong hyo jin starred as Ji Hae So, a psychiatrist who has a fiesty temper who is "hard on the outside and soft on the inside"; whereas Jo In Sung acted as a famous novelist/ radio dj. Running man's Gwangsoo is also in this series, starring as park soo kwang, I lol-ed when I heard his name is soo kwang cause it is the exact opposite of his actual name hahaha. If you've watched running man before, it is quite hard to not laugh at gwangsoo in the first few episodes cause his every move reminds me of his silly acts in running man hahah xD. Ok back to the review, this is a tv show where you wouldn't find any annoying characters who are ignorable, each character has their own personality and would not be overshadowed by the main characters.  The whole series revolve around psychiatric related issues as well as family, friendship and love. I fell in love with the whole cast, that's all i can say.

Until next time. Adeus.

Shizuen xxx

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