Saturday, July 26, 2014

Birthday post

sipping chilled apple tea that doesnt taste like tea
honey toast @ sir cafe
dinner @ sosta
sesame mochi and herbal jelly bowl @ meetfresh

My favourite meal was the dessert i had at meetfresh :P.
Finally the exam craze is over, I do not want to be sick during an exam again, ever. This time is the first time I've had replacement exams and it'll be the last one too. The replacement exams, i dunno, i do really wish I'll pass, I should be able to do so. I need to work 200% this semester, I'm not quite there yet. Anyways, these pictures are from june during my birthday lol which is more than a month ago. Uni starts on monday. Well even if i do fail the subject i've had exemptions for some subjects so it wont affect my degree's pace, will still be able to graduate in july 2015 :/. I'm really bad in commerce subjects lol, need to work on my base to make sure i'm gonna do as well as students who already have a commerce background. Good luck myself!!!

XXX Shizuen

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