Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Slight obsession

I know I'm slowly turning into a crazy cat lady when I catch myself searching "cat" on a number of clothing online stores. And then I come across this dress on asos, and noticing there's an extra 10% discount on sale items, I checked out within 5 minutes ==. And apparently this was the very last piece.

I got this mug few days ago from a newsagent, I hesitated at first when I saw the "sex kitten" at the back and in the end I was like oh well who cares. I added a "y" to save myself some decency since I live with my brother. awkward. It was only 1.45 dollars I think, really good deal for a crazy cat lady.

after hahaha

I am currently revamping my wardrobe. Selling lotsa stuff on ebay and buying lotsa stuff as well '-'. Exciting ;D