Thursday, September 27, 2012

so todayyy

I just feel I have been disappointing academically,physically and socially because of the negativity I had for the past two years. Every time I do something, I expect for the worst, and most of the time I do get disappointed. Well anyway I guess I learnt :). I won't say I'll guarantee to be 100% optimistic every time I do something but at least I've learnt to think more carefully this time.
Mom just gave a huge lecture on why I should consider quality over quantity regarding clothes. True mom, now I realize I spend HEAPS on junk I don't really wear. Though by suggesting me to get rid of half of my wardrobe and start collecting quality pieces? Hehehehe very excited :P :P :P.
 I am lusting over this Alice Mccall somerford booth skirt. Kinda sad there's only size 6 left on the website when I'm a size 8 :( sad face. I mean it's cheaper on the official website come on :( :( :(.
Nicole you gorgeous thing I'm glad you shared where you found these suspender shorts since I've been looking for one for quite some time now.

love love love this picture!

That's all folks :D


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  1. I know what you mean about buying excessively and then realizing how pointless it is in the end and how you only got one or two wears out of it. Ah need to just stick to basics and a few statement pieces. ALSO omgggggg we are doing the same psychology LOL PSYCH2007 psychology in society. I never go to the lectures though cos they clash with my 3rd year subjects. I just watch them online. We should study together for the exam!!! (since im only doing this subject as a elective, i dont know anyone)
    Also so glad they postponed the due date for the major assignment I GET TO RELAX abit and then finish it off over the weekend :DDD