Monday, January 23, 2012

dotti & cotton on

Today I went to the mall,went into dotti and tried the black dress I mentioned in the last post. I really wanted to buy the dress since there's only one of my size left but I discovered the seam was abit faulty and it's not worth paying full price for a slightly faulty dress so I got some discounted items instead.They are:
isadora star tank
acapulco v neck tank
black pool skater skirt

All the items are $9.95 each, such a good bargain! I've been eyeing the skirt for months but I can't figure out why I didn't buy it earlier. But luckily I waited until today to buy it cause right now it's at it's lowest price ;). After dotti, I went to cotton on and bought a dress for $10. I already got the same dress in black and white. I like it a lot so I decided to get the dress in this colour too :).
chevron shift dress

Right now the majority of my clothes are neutral colours. I'm still in love with black and white :). And today's shopping trip was a real retail therapy too! Usually when I'm stressed my period would delay for months. After today's retail therapy, I instantly got my period and right now I'm so happy (such a weird reason to be happy about xD). I can't wait to go back to uni again!


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