Sunday, May 26, 2013


Went to a Japanese restaurant yesterday, my tummy is very well satisfied thanks to the sushi boat.
My feline obsession has yet to diminish, evidently shown here by the heavily discounted dotti sweater I'm wearing.

 It was actually the very first time I wore my mac "deeply adored" lipstick out after purchasing it last august. 

Finally going to get a camera and I'll be able to blog more often ^^. Exam is less than a month, I've to be very well prepared this time, as this is my final year (eek). I will go down with this shit I wont put myself down and surrender!


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  1. omg i havent been able to acces your blog and i thought u stopped blogging >__< now im going through reading everything and catching up on what u been up to haha
    I loveee the lip colour and the skirt :DD
    I went to wasai last week it was so yummmmmy