Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's a wrap

top: globalize / skirt:stylestalker /cardigan: dees simplicity
After drooling over the recently iconic zara white skort for quite a while, I decided not to get it since white shorts would look quite "interesting"on me, being heavy bottomed and all that. I stumbled across this stylestalker piece while browsing the iconic, and with a discount code and the "ONLY 1 LEFT" alert, I clicked purchased and one day later here it is.
About my "quest" to conquer walking in heels fared well yesterday, at least i didn't die after a long day at uni xD weakling.



  1. oooo the skirt looks lovely with the boots hehe finally found a skirt you really were sure of gettin (Y) i also see can a glimpse of them boots ;) fab

    1. hehehe luckily the boots were on sale *snapped!