Tuesday, March 19, 2013


dress: minkpink / belt:bardot
Whenever I get dressed without much time to spare, I somehow always go back to stripes. I'm still stoked last october I managed to nab this minkpink dress for 5 bucks including shipping (yeah ebay!), it may be preloved but I love it anyway. Just when I thought the weather's turning colder, boom! nature hits us with blazing sun. I saw some people wearing winter coats on the way to uni, I was like O.O you crazy!? while retaining a poker face on the outside. I was nearly sweating in this dress, how can they manage to wear a winter coat while looking so comfortable doing so under this blazing sun I don't even. Uni has been great, final year may be daunting but I have a feeling I will make it through all right. Just have to minimize my procrastinating tendencies :P.



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