Saturday, March 17, 2012


Apparently the studded loafers from betts which I thought was the perfect size gave me blisters, why (T-T)???
I am more of a size 7 1/2, but very little stores sell 1/2 sizes.
I've never bought shoes from ninewest before because I thought it'd be loads more expensive than other places. So, this week I decided to check its website and turns out the pricing is around what a pair of wittner shoes would cost. I wanted to check out both wittner and ninewest shoes but the wittner shop assistant didn't acknowledge me at all, which is weird because why would you ignore a customer when there's an opportunity to sell your products? The shop assistant at nine west was very helpful and turns out they have 1/2 sizes, score! And I also got a 25% discount for signing up their mail list.
So here's what I got.

At first wanted to get this pair but my so called instincts directed me to get the other pair in the end.



  1. Hello:)
    Both pairs are nice, I think I'd go for the first one but probably not as appropriate for work as the second pair. hehe.