Wednesday, February 29, 2012

shop shop shop!

Just came back from uni after around 2 hours of bus waiting+bus riding which would normally take around 40 minutes. There was a massive traffic jam because of the rain. It has been raining for almost 12 hours, crazy. The dreaded hot weather which I detest has finally came to an end and I welcome the arrival of jackets and tights. But I can't get my hopes high for a consistently cold weather since Australia's weather is famously known for being like a yoyo, it might be like winter today but tomorrow might be like summer.

I have been shopping again ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ. The items I'm about to show are bought in 3 different days.Last Tuesday I went to the unibar with my friend but unfortunately they check IDs nowadays and I didn't have my passport with me, should apply for a proof of age card soon.Then we went to dotti. My friend bought burgundy jeans and I bought this faux leather skirt. I hesitated whether to get it or not but since my friend was so pumped up to buy her jeans, her eagerness encouraged me to get the skirt as well.
pu skater skirt                                                      
Then, this Monday (which was the first day of uni), I went into dotti again and got a white shirt. This one was my favourite out of all the white shirts I browsed in many stores since the material is soft and the cutting was perfect for me. There was a 10 dollars discount, but to my dismay when I went into dotti again today, this shirt was on a 20 dollars discount, my heart ached over the wasted 10 dollars. Back in Malaysia, if a store was going to have a sale in few days time, the shop assistant would let us know and tell us to come back during the sale to get what we want, but sadly Australian sale assistants can't do that (iДi) *me cries.
longsleeve chealsea shirt in milkshake
I also went into target and spotted this pair of burgundy chino's. I went to try it on and presto! it fits perfectly on me! As a heavy bottomed person, I rarely look good in pants but this one does the trick. The pants are actually more red than what is shown in this picture.
hot options pleat front chinos in burgundy
This afternoon, le greedy me went into factorie. I wandered in the store for quite some time. I wanted to buy a dress but they don't have it in my size so I was quite depressed temporarily ⊙︿⊙. And then I spotted the lace sweaters and oh my god, they are so pretty and so soft ⊙0⊙! There were so many colours but I know I have a habit of buying the same item in few colours so I only allowed myself to go try on the purple one and the red one. I had trouble with the sizing because the sweater looks small but actually it isn't. So I went from XL to M to S until I eventually settled on an XS. Both the purple and red were beautiful, though purple was safer than red. My head wanted to say maybe I should go with the purple since it's a safer colour then I was like fuck it, red is awesome and I've never had a red sweater since I was 10.
The material reminds me a little bit of the Lover serpent dress. My favourite blogger from tumblr wore this Lover piece in one of her outfit posts and it looked absolutely devine on her.

Lover Serpent Dress
When I went grocery shopping I also managed to buy Maybelline's babylips lip balm in berry flavour mainly because the design is so cute. The price is 3.99 which is an ok price for a lip balm. It works well on my lips, I used some lip balms in the past which were quite pricy yet still give me clumps. Mine's the third one with the pink cap.

I wore my dotti skirt and shirt to uni yesterday.
stupid face with luggages & junk at the back 


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