Saturday, August 26, 2017

Polka in Melbourne

I recently went to Melbourne for a two night trip. Managed to take some outfit photos on a timer lol. I probably need a tripod for better photos but this will do for now, maybe next time. I am such a red colour person this year, compared to before I was always a black colour person. And moreover, I used to loathe pink and know I actually like it! Haha people really do change. I immediately ordered this red dress after seeing it on Princess Polly's snapchat account LOL.
This year, I don't really hang out with as many people I used to hang out with. But that's fine, I was preoccupied, trying to achieve something, and I did, which was fantastic. I went out with an old friend another day, which made me realise, some people you drift away from them not without reasons. The first thing she assumed when I said I just came back from Melbourne was, oh I didn't know you have so much free time to hang around. Which was like really? And then when I tried to comfort her saying it's ok to be upset and cry after a breakup, I said I secretly cried at night for almost 6 months after my first breakup, and she went around and said oh I'm a very strong person I just move on I'm not like some girls who cry for 6 months after a breakup. On and on, more and more fishing for compliments, and the I'm not like other girls I'm better conversations. Yea not very nice. I don't like people who constantly needs to put people down to make themselves feel validated, just not my thing. Enough with the negativity, sometimes I just go on and on. I do like my progress this year, and I shall continue to do more.